Thunder Child

Thunder Child

Interactive Fiction Books: The Novel of the Future is Here.
The novel of the future arrived around thirty years ago but was widely unavailable until just recently.

Money You Can Make Writing a Short Story
I love writing short stories They are quick to write, fun to write and require no research

Best Place To Find Science Fiction Books
There is a constant development in the technological field. The reason which contributes to this is obviously man's keen observations in various phenomena of the nature but the role of science is also a matter of apex consideration The books are still a good friend of man even though the computers and internet have dominated man in different spheres of life. There are different kinds of books by Science fiction books still have their domination. As reading of science fiction books will give way for greater creativity and future technologies these books are in great demand. The authors of these fiction books should have a deep and immense knowledge in that particular area of technology from where the story has sought inspiration so as ...

The Importance of Using Publicity Professionals to Market Your Book
The large traditional publishers release hundreds of books each year. Add small publishers and those that self-publish their books to this number, and you have a situation where one new book can get lost in a sea of thousands in the market. Most books published do not have large advertising dollars to propel them to high visibility. While there are a number of things authors can and should do to market their books, without the resources of a publisher or a company that specializes in publicity and promotion, the book will not garner the attention it deserves.

"Guidance" issued pilot reform the publishing industry - the publishing industry, guidance - Printing Industry
Publishing industry needed reform ( HC printing network With map)

The Science Fiction Art and Science Fiction and Fantasy Movie Posters
Fantasy art has long been a part of the mainstream art although it has never been able to become the major art form. Despite this, the fantasy art has been able to capture the imagination of the common masses, thanks to the number of science fiction films and comics that started rolling out since the onset of the twentieth century. The science fiction art transcended various art forms like literature, visual arts and this made a platform for the science fiction films and literature to develop even further.

The Main Difference Romance Books That The Person May Opt For
Since time immemorial romance novels have continually retained a place in people's minds because most people are trying to find enchantment at some stage in life, specifically teenagers and youngsters. Ladies, along with women are particularly vulnerable to romance and to romance novels, this is why most of the romance novels are prepared from a girl's point of view.

Growth rate of close to 300% mobile publishing standards being - Mobile Publishing - Printing Industry
As a new media, mobile publishing the strong development momentum in recent years attracted public attention. According to the National Documentation and Information Sub-Committee for Standardization Technical Committee publication format Deputy Director, China Institute of Publishing Science Hao Zhensheng describes the results of the survey show that: as the fastest growing digital publishing branch of mobile publishing in the last two years growth rate of close to 300%, much higher than the traditional publishing and other forms of digital publishing.

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